Logic Studio X

“Logic Pro puts a complete recording and MIDI production studio on your Mac, with everything a pro musician needs to write, record, edit and mix like never before. All in an intuitive interface that puts the tools you need right where you need them.”

Plug Ins

Logic X – Powerful and comprehensive stock plug ins.
Waves – A precise selection of my favorite waves plug ins.
Fabfilter – Astoudingly good plug in suite.
Drumagog – For drum replacement if needed.
Izotope RX7 Standard – For advance audio repair and audio enhancement.


Aside from the bundled software instruments with Logic X, I have also invested in the Composer Cloud from EastWest/Soundsonline. This collection of samples bundled with their Play software can recreate some truely remarkable and authentic instruments from all over the globe. I also have Drumagog 5 for any drum replacement needs!


Neuman TLM 103
AKG C414 XLS (x2, matched pair)
Neumann TLM 102 (x2)
DPA 4099 (x2, assorted clips)
Electrovoice RE20
Shure SM7B
Sennheiser MD421
Sennheiser e901
Audix D6
Audix i5 (x2)
Audix D2 (x2)
Audix D4
Audix SCX1-C (x2)
Audix SCX1HC
Shure BETA 58a
Shure SM58 (x4)
Shure SM57 (x3)
Shure BETA 98-H/C (clip on)
Rode NT2-A (x2, matched Pair)
Rode NT1-A (x2, matched pair)
Orchid Electronics DI’s


Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56
Focusrite Octopre MKII
Focusrite Scarlett Octopre Dynamic

This gives me 24 high quality mic inputs, and 16 individually assignable outputs.


Adam A7X Studio Monitors
Equator D8 Studio Monitors

Art Headphone 6 Pro headphone amp
Behringer HA8000 Powerplay Pro-8 headphone amp
Sennheiser HD 600 headphones
Sennheiser HD-6 MIX heapdhones
4x Sennheiser HD-280 Pro headphones
Sony MDR-7506 headphones
4x Sennheiser HD 201 headphones


Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Marshall DSL15C
Ashdown Electric Blue 180 Bass Amp